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I got my engagement ring from passion diamonds. Christina really made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process. She was very patient and educated us well on how to pick the perfect diamond. They have a wide selection of diamonds and they customize the ring to exactly what you want. I showed a picture of the ring I liked and I got exactly that. The end result was just amazing. The customer service we received exceeded our expectation. Would really recommend going to passion diamonds. We will 100% be going back for our wedding bands.

"Working with Passion Diamonds is the best decision I could have made."
"They are incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and most importantly for me -patient!
I took a long time to decide what  style of ring I wanted and Passion Diamonds stuck by me every step of the way. They did not pressure me or force me into anything and at no point did they become frustrated with my indecisiveness.  We spent many hours working together and went through countless design options. As a result of their feedback and thoroughness, we found exactly what I was looking for!
The final product speaks for itself and my fiancé is blown away with her ring! So am I. The ring is even better than I could have imagined and continues to amaze me today. I often catch myself staring at the ring in awe.
I am so fortunate to have hired Passion Diamonds. I 100% fully endorse them and recommend you choose to work with them too. They are very professional and I will most definitely be working with them again. They  gave me a better price than anywhere else and helped me stay within my budget. Thank you so much to the Passion team!"
~  S.G., Vancouver, BC

"When it finally arrived, I was astounded. It was beautiful."

"When I decided I wanted to propose to my girlfriend (now fiancé!) I had everything planned. I new the place, I new how I wanted to do it and I even new what type of ring I wanted but I had no idea how to make it happen! I met withPassion Diamonds and they put me at ease immediately. Not only did they invite me in for a consultation where they explained everything I need to know about diamonds, but they also brought examples of diamonds that fit my budget, showed me the different clarities, colours, cuts and carats and even advised me on the type they thought would be best for my budget and my fiancé style. I left feeling at ease and confident in the ring I wanted. When it finally arrived (in less than two weeks!) I was astounded. It was beautiful. In fact, I didn't want to give it away!  Joking. My fiancé loved it. It was more then she had even dreamed of. If you need a diamond ring or any other custom jewellery, go to Passion Diamonds.  All the stress of making a decision will be taken away.  They helped with all the things I wanted to make my fiancé the happiest girl in the world."
~ D.L., Vancouver, BC

"I am still in awe.. I get so many compliments!"

"My fiancé and I would like to thank everyone at Passion Diamonds for helping us start the next chapter of our lives together on such a wonderful and beautiful note. From the very beginning of the design process, all the way to the final product, my fiancé says you made it such a breeze, and were such a pleasure to work with. On my end, I can honestly say that you have helped make my experience as a bride-to-be so special. I am still in awe every time I look down and see my ring sparkle. I get so many compliments, and am so proud to let the world know it was all thanks to the team at Passion Diamonds (and my amazing fiancé, of course).

~ Stephanie, Vancouver, BC

"The perfect ring!"

"I had the great pleasure of having Passion Diamonds  make a beautiful customized ring for my fiance. They took me through all of the steps of how to study a diamond with several different ones to compare to and they even tested me to see if I knew the difference once they gave me all of the valuable information. 

The ring was customized from a couple of different designs that I picked out from some magazines and it turned out gorgeous in the end. 

Hands down I highly recommend this company not only for their expertise but for their quality, integrity and patience for picky people like me."

~ R.A. , Vancouver, BC

"Her face lights up when she tells people her fiancé had it custom made just for her."

"When I first came to see Passion Diamonds about purchasing and designing an engagement ring, I hadn’t the slightest clue about diamonds. That all changed with the education they gave me about choosing the perfect diamond for my fiancée. They were patient and professional. I have recommended them to all of my friends who are contemplating purchasing an engagement ring. Their graphic design skills allowed me to see exactly what I could expect from the final product. This was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed and I attribute that to the team's hard work and expertise. My fiancée could not be happier with the ring they helped me create. She gets compliments on it all the time, and her face lights up when she tells people her fiancé had it custom made just for her! Thank you so much again, the two of us could not be happier with her gorgeous ring!"

Wife:  "I would really like to thank you again for helping my husband create such an amazing ring! I feel like a very lucky girl to have one that was custom made!"

~ K.G., Vancouver, BC

"He got it made... it's one-of-a-kind!"

"When I began searching for an engagement ring, I had no idea what I was doing, let alone where to begin. First, I didn't know anything about how to choose a diamond. Now, I'm an expert, and it's all thanks to the folks at Passion Diamonds  They spent a great deal of time providing me with the background and education on how to evaluate diamonds and choose the one that was right for me. They didn't try to sell me any particular one, they gave me the tools to choose the diamond that I wanted. And then of course, I found the perfect diamond for me (well, for my wife actually!). 

Second, they helped me design a ring, and together we created "the one". I really can't say enough about how happy me and my wife are with the final product. My wife gets compliments on her ring all the time, and there's something special that happens when someone asks, "Where did you get it?", and your wife says, "he got it made". It's one of a kind, and it's the most beautiful ring I could ask for. And frankly, the price was heads and shoulders better than any comparable retailer out there.  Finally, it goes without saying that these guys are professionals, in all matters of service. I've already told all my friends, and I would strongly recommend them to anyone else." 

~ D.S., Vancouver, BC

"I now consider myself a loyal customer."

"I approached Passion Diamonds with a vision – to create a custom piece of jewellery to honour my parents. Passion Diamonds accommodated my busy schedule and worked closely with me to make this vision a reality. I could not be happier with the final product, as well as with how smoothly the entire design process went. The price was very reasonable relative to the outstanding level of service and craftsmanship. I now consider myself a loyal customer of Passion Diamonds and look forward to many more meaningful pieces of jewellery in the future."

~ J.S., Vancouver, BC

"They make the whole experience fun and creative."

"Shopping for a ring can be stressful, but dealing with Passion Diamonds is great and makes the whole experience fun and creative.  With their help we were able to design a ring that was exactly what we wanted - something special and unique to us. 

We were able to do this because we sat down with designed, in dialogue with them, the ideal ring.  We then hand-picked exactly the diamond we wanted - and I'll say that it was a whole lot more diamond than we'd have been able to get elsewhere.  Passion Diamonds then sent us computer renderings of the design we had talked about - and it was JUST as we had envisioned it.  Now, our ring, that we designed ourselves, holds so much meaning to us - and will for the rest of our lives.

I should also mention that I was so satisfied with the final product and service, that I've had four friends get engaged since we bought our ring and each of them has dealt with Passion Diamonds as well and were all very happy with the value and service." 

~ M.E., Ottawa

"I would recommend passion without hesitation."

"From start to finish Passion Diamonds ade, what can be a daunting experience, accessible and fun. I had very little experience with diamonds and they were able to explain and involve me in the entire process. I was really pleased to be able to custom design, with their help a ring that my fiancée is in love with – perhaps even more than she is in love with me, but that’s Passion Diamonds' fault. Without hesitation I would recommend Passion Diamonds for this most important purchase."

~ S.H., Vancouver, BC

"World-class service and quality."

"I have had the pleasure of working with Passion Diamonds about six months ago. The team consistently followed up with me during my search for that perfect diamond. They showed me many diamonds that were within my price range. The service, quality of this team is truly world-class. I would strongly recommend them to anyone."

~ R.M., Vancouver, BC

"Diamond and jewellery experts who really care."

"Six months ago, I was referred to Passion Diamonds through a friend of mine so I called to make an appointment to discuss the engagement ring that I wanted to get for my fiance. I did not know a lot about rings or how to go about choosing the right one. They took a great amount of time to teach me about diamonds. But not only that, they also encouraged me to find out what I wanted to show and express. Out of that they found me a rare and unique type of diamond which was just perfect. The diamond and it's cut were beyond what I had expected. My fiance was esctatic. It had gone even above what she had imagined. The Princess of Hearts that we went with truly captured the story for us. The price was well within my budget. We couldn't be happier. They also provides us with the certificates and lifetime cleaning. 

No doubt I came back to them for our wedding bands. We just received hers last week and again it was phenomenal. They got the perfect band to match her ring aesthetically. It again was exactly what we wanted and within our budget. I highly recommend them not just for their quality and craftsmanship but by their service and approach to their clients. Knowing that we were dealing with diamond and jewellery design experts who really cared and took the time to teach us and give us a product we were truly satisfied with, was an amazing feeling. I've never received this kind of attention from any of the major dealers or distributors. Passion Diamonds  are top notch dealers. I highly recommend them."

~ A.J., Coquitlam, BC

"Their ideas along with the quality are amazing."

"Passion Diamonds is the best, most affordable and most reliable jewelry company around and the only way to go. I will never go elsewhere.  We've  had several custom necklaces, pendants and rings done for myself and my family and the service we get is second to none.  Their ideas along with the quality are amazing."  

~ S.P., Richmond, BC


"I couldn't be happier with my custom designed pendant celebrating the birth of my son."

"It  was a pleasure to work with Passion Diamonds. They were dedicated to creating a timeless piece of jewellery that was in line with my taste and our budget for my baby present. They made sure I was happy by constantly updating sketches and 3D manipulations of my unique and beautiful necklace, so I knew exactly what to expect way before the finished product. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, and I am constantly getting compliments on it!!"

~ L.P., Vancouver, BC