Our Process

The Smart Way to Buy Diamond Jewellery



We provide personalized, high level, service including  expert Diamond and jewellery design advice.



Once our diamond experts have made you an educated buyer, choose the perfect stone from our vast inventory of ethical diamonds.



Choose from one of our timeless designs or create your own unique ring with the help of our jewellery design experts.



We will provide beautiful packaging, an Independent Appraisal Certificate and guaranteed satisfaction.

1. Book a Diamond Consultation

Buying a diamond is truly a challenging process and one of the most significant investments you will make other than getting married or buying a home. We're not like a jewellery store or online supplier that tells everyone what to buy. We appreciate that everyone is different and we consider your unique needs and individual style..  Our diamond education process will give you all the tools to make an informed decision. We will not tell you what you want...you will tell us!  


 2.Shop Diamonds with Confidence & Trust

Every diamond is unique and holds beauty in its own special way. We will sit with you and look at different diamonds within your budget so that you can appreciate all their individual qualities. Having diamonds to compare will ensure that you end up with the perfect diamond for YOU. Our summary goes over the 5C's:  Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat and Certificate - an essential guide for your diamond purchase. Our diamond selection process will also take you into all the little details that you cannot see anywhere else and are not covered by the 5 C's. This is what will guarantee your diamond is the best! 

3. Create your Dream Ring

Working closely with some of the most skilled goldsmiths in Vancouver, we are known not just for our ethical diamond sources and diamond education, but for our design expertise and good taste.  We work closely with you to understand you or your fiancé's sense of style and creativity.  We demand perfection of ourselves and our work to guarantee quality and ultimate satisfaction with all your custom designed jewellery for any special occasion. 

Any picture sent in can be replicated and any idea can be mocked up and seen in a 3D CAD rendering prior to manufacturing. Browse our Instagram gallery to see some of the masterpieces we have created to date.

Submit a picture of your dream jewellery piece or give us a detailed description in the form above or email us directly at info@passiondiamonds.ca of what you would like and we will be in touch with you. 

4.  Ask Her to Marry You

Just because you aren't shopping in a store it does not mean you won't get all the packaging that helps present your beautiful piece. Every ring comes with an independent appraisal certificate and beautiful packaging.  We offer free cleaning and resizing before your wedding day and we can also design your matching wedding bands.

Our Guarantee

The Passion Diamonds trade-up policy allows you to exchange your diamond for one that has a purchase price of at least 50% more than the original diamond.  We provide conflict-free diamonds with an Independent Appraisal Certificate and guaranteed satisfaction.  Ask about our free annual cleaning and free resizing service. 

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